UNHAS International Cultural Program (ICP)




UNHAS International Cultural Program (ICP) 2020 will be held virtually in October and November 2020. The program has been designed for students who are not Indonesian citizens. Entitled “Maritime Culture in Indonesia: Marine Resilience and Historical Perspective”, the program covers some presentations on Historical Maritime Adventure, Pinisi Boat Production, and rich marine resources in Sulawesi, Indonesia. There are also some interesting sessions on Indonesian language and culture, virtual visits to the fish market and Bira Beach, traditional dance tutorials, and seafood cooking session.


Universitas Hasanuddin International Cultural Program will facilitate talented and enthusiastic young minds from all over the globe, to engage in a 7-day cultural program in the beautiful city of Makassar, Indonesia. Participants will be exposed to the rich cultures of South Sulawesi through field trips to Toraja and Bengo-Bengo Education Forest, as well as learn an introduction of the Indonesian Language and the local traditional dance. Unhas International Cultural Program (ICP) provides international students the opportunity to spend their summer break from university, to visit historical sites and engage with the rich cultural experiences of South Sulawesi, Indonesia. This program features one-week activity where participants can learn Indonesian language and can gain experience in the cultural and academic life in Indonesia.


The program consists of classroom sessions, camp session, cultural night, and field trips to some cultural and historical sites. This field trips not only offers hands-on experience for students but also the opportunity to expand student networks through interacting and sharing their cultural experiences with other international students. Unhas International Cultural Program will become a once in a lifetime experience, offering students a unique, intellectually, and culturally enriching experience in South Sulawesi, the opportunity to meet and network with Indonesian and other international students, as well as the chance to immerse in Indonesian culture and the Indonesian teaching environment