Three Graduate Study Programs of Universitas Hasanuddin Ready to Undergo International Visitation of FIBAA Cluster II

The Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA) once again conducted an online visitation in the context of an assessment of the three Postgraduate Study Programs at Universitas Hasanuddin. The visitation was commenced offline at 15.30 WITA by adhering to the Covid-19 prevention protocol in the Unhas Academic Senate Room, 2nd Floor of the Rectorate Building, Makassar. The event was also linked to the zoom meeting application, Monday (21/02).

The Online Visitation Cluster II is scheduled to last for three days (21 to 23 February) for three postgraduate programs as follows:

  1. Master of Accounting, Faculty of Economics and Business
  2. Master of Law Study Program, Faculty of Law
  3. Master of Public Administration, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences

The official opening of the visitation was attended by the Unhas Rector (Prof. Dr. Dwia Aries Tina Pulubuhu, MA), Secretary of the university (Prof. Dr. Ir. H. Nasaruddin Salam, MT), Secretary of the Board of Trustees (Prof. Dr. Indriyanti Sudirman, SE, M.Si), the members of the Unhas Academic Senate, the Board of Professors, several members of the Board of Trustees (MWA), the Vice-Rectors, directors, and deans at Universitas Hasanuddin

The Rector of Universitas Hasanuddin, Prof. Dwia, introduced to all the assessors the numerous achievements of Unhas in recent times. Of a total of 213 study programs at all levels, Unhas continues to improve the quality and standardization of education, through the recognition of national and international accreditation.

“We continue to endeavor to increase the predicate of university’s accreditation as evidence of the quality education standards that we provide for students and is also advantageous for alumni in developing careers, ” Prof. Diwa said.

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In addition,  Prof. Dwia explained that at the time being, Unhas has 111 study programs with an ‘A/superior’ accreditation, consisting of 54 undergraduate study programs, 29 postgraduate programs, 8 doctoral study programs, 3 professional study programs, and 17 specialist programs. In compliance with this achievement, Unhas managed to occupy the top 7 Best Universities in Indonesia with “A/Superior” Accreditation.

Meanwhile, to international accreditation, Unhas is placed in the top 5 positions with a total of 44 study programs.

These achievements are the result of the process of fulfilling the assessment, in order to support an internationally recognized academic process. As of now, Unhas has bagged 29 study programs that received international certification by AUN-QA, 8 study programs by ASIIN, 2 study programs by ABET, 2 study programs by ABEST 21, and 3 study programs by IABEE.

“All of these achievements are indeed supported by all supporting aspects, one of which is by lecturers who have qualifications and competencies by undergoing various educational programs, through partner collaborations as well as research and publications that have been applied to each study program,” Prof. Dwia explained.

After the opening remarks from the rector, the event was then proceeded with a question and answer session from the FIBAA assessors. In general, the assessors explored aspects of curriculum implementation, the learning process, and copious achievements of Unhas. The FIBAA assessors are listed as below:

1. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Voegeli,
2. Andreas Gruener,
3. Ute Walter,
4. Prof. Christian Schachtner,,
5. Friderike Upholf,
6. Edgar Wienhausen,
7. Dr. Edy Santoso, S.T., S.H., MITM., M.H.

The opening of the FIBAA assessment was well managed until 16.30 WITA and continued with the assessment process for each accredited study program.

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Translator: Marningsih Sadik, S.S.

Editor: Ishaq Rahman, AMIPR

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