Keynote Speakers from Six Countries Attended The International Conference on Psychology at Universitas Hasanuddin

Psychology Study Program, Faculty of Medicine of Universitas Hasanuddin (FK Unhas) held an international conference entitled “Interdisciplinary Conference in Psychology, Health, Social Sciences (ICPHS) 2021”. The conference with the theme “Thriving During Pandemic: Interdisciplinary Approach” was held at the Hall of Prof. Amiruddin, FK Unhas and connected virtually through the Zoom meeting application, Saturday (27/11).

The presenters were:

  1. Prof. dr. Albert Scherpbier (Masstricht University, the Netherland),
  2. Prof. Uichol Kim, PhD (Inha University, South Korea),
  3. Luca Tateo, PhD (University of Oslo, Norway),
  4. Dr. Judith Kleine-Staarman (Universitas Exeter, Inggris Raya),
  5. Prof. Dr. M. Katherine Shear, MD (Columbia School of Social Work, USA),
  6. Dr. Muhammad Tamar, M.Psi (Universitas Hasanuddin, Indonesia),
  7. Prof. dr. Irawan Yusuf, Ph.D (Universitas Hasanuddin, Indonesia).

Starting the activity, the Vice-Dean for Research and Innovation of FK Unhas (Dr. dr. Rina Masadah, Sp.PA., M.Phil., DFM.) expressed her appreciation for the implementation of ICPHS. This conference is significant with speakers from various scientific fields. She believes that this activity will generate valuable ideas for the benefit of the wider community and will expand collaboration with multiple partners.

ICPHS facilitates national and global scientific collaboration between scientists and practitioners in health, psychology, and social sciences. In addition, the parties involved are expected to exchange ideas and views due to activities to solve current social problems and improve social welfare.

In the end, ICPHS is expected to provide opportunities for scientific collaboration involving scientists and practitioners in health, psychology, and social sciences at national and international levels. Furthermore, through this activity, the parties involved are expected to have insight and perspectives to solve current problems in society.

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The activity was officially opened by Prof. dr. Moh. Nasrum Massi, Ph.D., the Vice-Rector for Research, Innovation, and Partnerships of Unhas,

In his speech, he said that the conference is essential in dealing with psychological problems as a current global trend, and it requires collaboration between disciplines. Unhas plays a role in increasing scientific output or products to be more relevant and up-to-date in solving community problems.

“Psychological problems are part of the current global trend. In ICPHS, many scientists present many ideas and contribute important ideas as study material during the Covid-19 pandemic. Unhas also supports activities like this as part of the internationalization process and building partnership,” explained Prof. Nasrum.

After the official opening, the event continued with the presentation from the speakers. The first speaker, Prof. dr. Irawan Yusuf, PhD, delivered the initial topic on The Impact and Challenges of The Covid-19 Pandemic: Neuro – Behavioral Perspective.

Prof. Irawan said that the Covid-19 pandemic, which demands behavioural changes in the community, resulted in potential psychological disturbances and community productivity problems. The widespread news about Covid-19 raises a sense of concern and fear in the community, which impacts the level of anxiety.

With various social restrictions by the Government as a policy to reduce the rate of spread, this concern and anxiety are getting worse. This condition will also impact a person’s psychology in response to something new.

“Our mind is influenced by various news that affects the increasing feeling of anxiety. Mental disorders are felt by sufferers and patients. Therefore, it is crucial to involve self-management so that we can handle these problems properly,” explained Prof. Irawan.

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After the first speaker, the presentation was continued by other keynote speakers. ICPHS went smoothly and lasted on Sunday (28/11).

Kumara Tungga Dewa, S.S.

Editor: Ishaq Rahman, AMIPR

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