International Students of Universitas Hasanuddin Celebrate Makassar Cultural Day

Language Center of Universitas Hasanuddin (UPT PB Unhas) established a cultural event for international students of 2021/2022 Academic Year. The event is part of the celebration of Makassar Cultural Day on Friday (01/04). The international students were invited to tour the Unhas campus while wearing traditional dresses of South Sulawesi and accompanied by traditional drum sound.

Dra. Herawaty, M.Hum., Ph.D., the head of Language Center of Unhas explained that this event aims to introduce our culture for the international students and supports the process of learning Indonesian language and culture.

“in the learning process in classroom, they have been given several introductions, one of which is Indonesian market transaction. They were introduced to Indonesian money (Rupiah) and simple daily conversation in Indonesian market transaction

Furthermore, Dra. Herawaty convoyed that the learning service of Bahasa Indonesia untuk Penutur Asing (BIPA) by Language Center of Unhas aims to teach Indonesian language for international learners and exposes international students with local culture and arts by inviting them to visit the tourism and historical spots in South Sulawesi.

“We hope they can complete the program and apply what they have learned, Indonesian language in this case. We also hope them to be more familiar with our culture and promote it to the people in their respective home countries.

On the same occasion, Tsukiko Myojo from Japan gratefully expressed her happines about the Makassar Cultural Day. Although she had tried the traditional dress “Baju Bodo” before, she admitted that she was happy because he was able to wear it again and take pictures with other international students.

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“I had been to Indonesia before, so I am quite good at Indonesian language at the moment. The todays event is amusing, especially with other international students from various countries,” said Tsukiko.

Furthermore, Tsukiko Myojo shared that she is currently enrolled in a doctoral research scholarship program majoring in Anthropology, Faculty of Social Science and Politicss. She admitted that she is interested and is currently conducting a research on Bugis-Makassar culture, especially in the manufacture of the Phinisi ship.

This activity was also lived up by the presentation of traditional dance and music performances.

Kumara Tungga Dewa, S.S.

Editor : Ishaq Rahman, AMIPR


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