Indonesian Diaspora Webinar by Faculty of Public Health on “Catastrophic Health Expenditure and Ageing in Indonesia”

The Faculty of Public Health (Fakultas Kesehatan Masyarakat/FKM) Universitas Hasanuddin (Unhas) conducted a Diaspora Webinar on “Catastrophic Health Expenditure & Ageing in Indonesia”. The committee invited Dr. Gindo Tampubolon (Lecturer in Global Health, The University of Manchester) to share the topic in the public lecture that will be carried out virtually using the zoom meeting application on Friday (24/9).

Dr. Gindo Tampubolon explained that many families in Indonesia choose to live with their parents and accompany families who have entered old age (elderly). This step is done to pay attention to consumption intake and health service needs for the family.

“This is something we should be grateful for, how we can still have and take the time to ensure the welfare of the elderly, as an effort to anticipate the costs of their health care,” explained Dr. Gindo

This situation aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) number three, ensuring a healthy life and supporting prosperity for all ages.

Furthermore, Dr. Gindo explained that the most important thing is how parents can get safe and comfortable health services. The health service program presented by the government is expected to be accessible to all levels of society as a policy that can improve the development of joint health degrees.

“The strengthening of health services is also expected to be a system that will protect families for financing plans. It can run effectively by targeting the right objectives so that they can efficiently provide subsidies for health care facilities in Indonesia,” added Dr. Gindo.

The activity, guided by Nur Arifah, SKM, MA., was attended by approximately 300 participants.

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