Five Study Programs of the Faculty of Engineering Receive ASIIN International Accreditation

Five Study Programs at the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Hasanuddin have once again received  international accreditation from ASIIN (Akkreditierungsagentur für Studiengänge der Ingenieurwissenschaften, der Informatik, der Naturwissenschaften und der Mathematik). The announcement was directly issued by the ASIIN Secretariat in Germany on Thursday (07/04).

The aforementioned study programs are all undergraduate study programs (S1) as listed below:

– S1 Informatics Engineering Study Program,

– S1 Urban and Regional Planning Study Program,

– S1 Marine Engineering Study Program,

– SI Mining Engineering Study Program, and

– S1 Industrial Engineering Study Program.

Dr. Ir. Prastawa Budi, M.Sc., as the Head of the Institute for Quality Assurance and Educational Development (LPMPP), explained in an interview that the achievements of the five study programs are all due to the good preparation and experience of Unhas in preparing those study programs for international accreditation.

Actually, there were 18 study programs involved in the ASIIN accreditation assessment process. However, only five of them were given the assessment results.

Each study program involved in ASIIN accreditation has met curriculum standards and has a good track record, such as obtaining an accreditation issued by BAN-PT or LAM-PTKes.

“All study programs proposed in the visitation process have met the standards, one of which is that the curriculum applied is directed to the outcome-based education,” Dr. Prastawa explained.

Successfully obtaining this achievement is part of a harmonious and synergistic collaboration between the university team and study programs in preparing the Self-Assessment Report (SAR) document. Sharing knowledge between team members is very effective which was conducted through FGDs at the early stage of the preparation to share opinions regarding the SAR preparation guidelines.

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Dr. Prastawa hopes that the five study programs that have succeeded in gaining international accreditation can maintain and improve the quality of education services. It is also necessary to expand global networks, one of which is by opening international classes or double degree programs with other university partners.

Dr. Prastawa said that LPMPP has regularly and in-depth prepared training for lecturers to assist in the process of planning, implementing, and evaluating classroom learning. Quality lecturers certainly have an impact on quality outcomes as well.

“Being able to fulfill the ASIIN criteria means that the study program is considered to have met ASIIN and ESG standards or the European Standard Guideline, which further means the learning process applied has been in accordance with the quality standards of European universities. Thus, there is a great opportunity to establish partnerships with various European universities,” added Dr. Prastawa.

ASIIN is an international accrediting agency originating from Germany for the disciplines of engineering, mathematics, science, agriculture, and biology. ASIIN international accreditation is an Outcome-Based Accreditation.

Marningsih Sadik, S.S.

Editor : Ishaq Rahman, AMIPR

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