Faculty of Forestry of Universitas Hasanuddin Invited Lecturers from the United States in Public Lectures

The Faculty of Forestry, Universitas Hasanuddin (Unhas), held a public lecture entitled “Online Course: Environment, Development and Governance in Indonesia, Theories, Issues and Trends” with the theme “Multi-scalar Histories and Political Ecology: Researching Questions of Power, Labor and Land-based Resources in Indonesia”.

The public lecture that presented Prof. Dr. Nancy Lee Peluso (UC Berkeley, USA) as the main speaker started at 10:00 WITA virtually through the zoom meeting application and the Faculty of Forestry’s YouTube channel on Monday (31/05).

Starting the activity, Micah R. Fisher, one of the editors of the Journal of Forest and Society of Unhas, said that the event was a discussion forum to increase the information and knowledge for the participants.

On that occasion, Professor Nancy presented a topic entitled “Learning to See Power Relations in Landscape: From Political Forest to Remittance Forest”, which generally describes the political forest and remittance forest.

Professor Nancy explained that the term political forest was first used to denaturalize the forest. She considered that the political forest of ecological entities could be described in three periods: colonialism, post-colonial independence, and the counter-insurgency struggle. It is helpful to analyze how countries in Southeast Asia use forests as a tool of territorial power.

“This includes a political space that is formed and controlled based on territorial power with one type of species which is also related to day-to-day matters. The political forest is formed based on place, relational and multi-scale,” explained Prof. Nancy.

Prof. Nancy is a professor of environmental science, policy and management with research interests in environmental policy, forestry, environmental studies, resource management and policy, rural development, environmental sociology, the geopolitics of resource control, political ecology.

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She has researched the history of political forests in Southeast Asia, linking global geopolitics, professional forestry institutions and natural resource law with the country’s regional production.

After conveying his views, he then continued with a discussion and question and answer session. The activity went smoothly until 12.00 WITA. (*/Mir).


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