A Student from Graduate School of Agriculture, Universitas Hasanuddin, Receives Scholarship for Studying Abroad In Top 3 World University for Agriculture

Hikmayani Iskandar, a master student from Agriculture Department, has successfully received an International Publication Quality Improvement (PKPI) scholarship for Masters Education towards Doctoral Degrees (PMDSU) in 2021. This scholarship is one of the programs conducted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia.

Hikmayani chose the Swedish University of Agriculture, the 3rd best university in the world for agriculture based on the QS World University Rankings.

Hikmayani explained why she applied for the International Publication Quality Improvement scholarship in an interview on Wednesday (11/24). The scholarship aims to prepare themselves and increase their ability at the international level through higher education.

“I see the opportunity of the PKPI program to generate excellent students, with global insight, international publications and research experience with international researchers. That is what made me interested in registering, “said Hikmayani.

Through this scholarship, all needs for the study will be covered, from tuition fees to living expenses. Hikmayani said she applied for this scholarship while conducting research in Bogor and was in the laboratory for journal article editing with the promoter and co-promoter.

“This scholarship is specially opened for PMDSU scholarship awardee. I completed the required documents and contacted my promoter, Prof. Herry Sonjaya, to ask for permission to join this program. He was worried at first because of my study period. He was afraid that it would not be in accordance with the PMDSU provisions,” explained Hikmayani.

Before participating in the interview stage, Hikmayani had submitted two papers in reputable international journals under review status. Thus her confidence got more vital to experience in all phases of selection.

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Hikmayani was attracted by the reputation of the Swedish University of Agriculture. Hikmayani used to read the publications by Prof. Goran from Swedish University, who had conducted research on Bali cattle in collaboration with a campus in Bogor and produced Q1 international publications.

“I tried to contact Prof. Goran, who will be my supervisor at the Swedish University of Agriculture in animal science. I asked his willingness to be my mentor in writing scientific articles and joining research through the PKPI program. I hope to produce international journal publications and research with international students at the Swedish University of Agriculture,” said Hikmayani.

At the end of the interview, Hikmayani explained her plans and contributions after completing her education. She would like to be a lecturer in the faculty of animal science. The scholarship she received will bridge collaborative research and publications between Unhas and the Swedish University of Agriculture.

“The In Vitro Embryo Production Laboratory of the Faculty of Animal Science of Unhas started researching and developing Polled Bali Cattle. This research was led by Dr Hasbi and his team, namely Prof. Herry Sonjaya and Prof. Sudirman Baco. This is a good opportunity to expand collaboration with various parties,” said Hikmayani.

At the Swedish University of Agriculture, Hikmayani Iskandar will join the Molecular Genetics and Bioinformatics Laboratory, Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics.

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Editor: Ishaq Rahman, AMIPR

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