504 Lecturers of Universitas Hasanuddin and Education Personnel Receive Covid-19 Vaccination Boosters

As a form of commitment in supporting the immunity boost and clinical protection from exposure to Covid-19, Universitas Hasanuddin in collaboration with the Indonesian Ministry of Health and the Government of Makassar City offered the third dose of Covid-19 vaccination (Booster) for Lecturers and Education Personnel.

This service has been running since Monday (14/02) at GOR JK Arenatorium, Unhas Campus, Tamalanrea, Makassar. 504 Unhas lecturers and education staff have participated in the booster vaccination.

Syahidah, S.Hut., M.Sc., Ph.D., a lecturer from the Faculty of Forestry, expressed her appreciation and gratitude for the attention that Unhas gave to lecturers and staff through the booster vaccination program.

He said this was a strategic step to provide more hope to the Unhas academic community. So they can feel safe at the workplace. At the same time, the lecture process takes place in a hybrid way (online and offline).

“After successfully providing vaccination services for doses 1 and 2, we are grateful that we get the easy access to the booster vaccination. Thank God the service was good, took place in an orderly manner, and under the health protocols. Overall it went very well. I hope that the certificate of the vaccine will be easy later to get and the process becomes faster,” explained Syahidah.

The studies show that there has been a decrease in antibodies in the sixth month after receiving the primary doses of the Covid-19 vaccination. Therefore, it is necessary to give a follow-up or booster dose to increase individual protection, especially in vulnerable groups of people.

The booster vaccination can be taken after the person has received complete primary doses of vaccination. This vaccination aims to maintain the level of immunity and extend the period of protection. The types of vaccines provided by Unhas in this vaccination service are Pfizer and Moderna.

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Unhas continues to provide the best efforts and contributions in supporting various government efforts in suppressing the spread of Covid-19. Previously, Unhas had also provided primary doses of vaccination service to all Unhas academicians and alumni. Thus, we hope that the goals can be achieved with the involvement of all parties, including universities.


Kumara Tungga Dewa, S.S.

Editor: Ishaq Rahman, AMIPR

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