Vision & Mission


To become the center of excellence of education, research and the application of communication studies based on maritime continent; produce knowledgeable, skilful, and independent scholars, and leaders in the field of communication, so that they have competitive capability in the national and global levels in the era of information and network society in 2030.


  • To provide education in communication studies in undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • To develop an inventive and innovative research; application, development, and the enrichment of communication studies’ spectrum.
  • To conduct professional training and other applied communication practices, which help community as a realization of University Social Responsibility (USR).
  • To develop the management of department/study program to empower the good university governance system, which is autonomous, credible, transparent, and accountable for sustainable quality improvement.
  • To develop a linkage, networked cooperation with local, national and international institutions to optimize the implementation of the three pillars of higher education.