Expected Learning Outcomes

Upon the completion of the program, students are expected to posses abilities to:

ELO 1: Effectuate the belief in God, principles of Pancasila, and local wisdom into personal, social, and civic life

ELO 2: Demonstrate deep understanding on theories and concepts of social sciences

ELO 3: Implement elements, forms, principle of communication as part of Social Sciences and function of communication in maritime society

ELO 4: Demonstrate knowledge of communication to support activities in journalism, public relations, and broadcasting

ELO 5: Apply the skill to communicate ideas effectively in oral, written, and graphic formats

ELO 6: Demonstrate capacity to productively work independent, in a team and across discipline

ELO 7: Generate creative, innovative, and critical thinking in problem identification, evaluation, and resolution

ELO 8: Employ communication and information technologies-based-digital in performing role as communication actors

ELO 9: Apply the skills in creating journalistic, public relations, and broadcasting products and services