Discussion and Book Review "Love Is Not Chocolate"

Communication Studio Club (CSC) Communication Science Student Corps (Cosmic)
FISIP Unhas held a book review entitled "Cinta Bukan Cokelat". The discussion facilitated by
Ukhwani Ramadani as one of the communication science students took place in the Sospol Park
of Unhas on Tuesday (03/26/19).
In the presentation of the material, Ukhwani discussed one of the books written by
Saras Dewi, a lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Indonesia. The book discusses a little
more about the philosophy of love and several other major themes related to love.
Ukhwani Ramadani revealed that the book "Cinta Bukan Coklat" is the choice of books
to be dissected because it is considered to be fundamental and relevant to the problems
experienced by students today.
The discussion was attended by 24 students whose desire to know about love was very
high. The discussion was even more exciting when entering the question and answer session.
After the presentation, the speaker is given the opportunity for participants to ask questions or
express opinions. Participants seemed enthusiastic in asking and learning about love.
"After participating in this discussion, understanding about love is no longer about the
issue of romance between men and women, but more broadly, because love is a universal
language, we can even learn to love whatever is around us, and the most important thing is we
are never satisfied and continue to search for knowledge by learning, one of which is learning to
love and give love to every creature in this universe. "Said Ukhwani.