Inauguration of KOSMIK 2019/2020

Makassar, Baruga – The communication science corps of FISIP UNHAS again held the
inauguration of the management for the period 2019/2020, precisely in the prof Syukur
Abdullah hall on March 14, 2019.
The inauguration of the board began with a speech as well as the opening of WD III, Dr.
Hasrulah Firdaus . Then remarks by the Secretary of the Department of Communication
Science Faculty of Hasanuddin University, A. Subhan Amir. S. Sos, M.Sc. Followed by remarks
from the elected Chair of the Cosmic General, namely, Taufik Syahrandi, and then the
remarks from the Coordinator of the Cosmic Advisory Board (DPK), Aziziah Diah Aprilya.
This inauguration was done according to the results of the cosmic MUBES agreement on
March 1-3. "I hope the management of this year is full of program jolt. Hopefully this year's
administrators can be better than yesterday. Everyone knows when it is difficult, but
someone who is great is the one who can handle the mandate that has been given, " Said
Deputy Dean III for Student Affairs, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences.
The inauguration procession of the Cosmic Management Period 2019/2020 was continued
with the reading of the oath of office and the inauguration of the Deputy Dean III of FISIP
UNHAS, then singing the Cosmic MARS together with great joy. In addition to today's
inauguration Communication Science students, there were also invited guests from each
representative of the Department Association and Student Activity Unit.