Vision of the Physiotherapy Professional Education Study Program


“Becoming the center of excellence in Neuromuscular Physiotherapy (modification technology) in the form of equality between academic competencies and integrated skills in physiotherapy services related to the movement function of the community on the basis of maritime continent in 2022”


Vision Explanation


The excellent vision in developing the physiotherapy technology modification is to become a study program that promotes the latest Neuromuscular Physiotherapy technology modification, such as developing physiotherapy intervention models or techniques (e.g. Quantum Movement Technique and Sensory Motor Integration Technique) so as to produce critical, innovative, and skilled graduates in serving the community in relation to movement function health.


Based on the results of research on health services in Indonesia, it turns out that more than 60% of patients in health care centers experience movement and function disorders, especially neuromuscular disorders.


The meaning of continental maritime is in line with the vision of Hasanuddin University; “The Center of Excellence in Human Development, Science, Technology, Art and Culture Based on the Indonesian Maritime Continent”.


Mission of the Physiotherapy Professional Education Study Program


1) Organizing a high-quality Physiotherapy Professional Education by building critical thinking skills in identifying scientific studies and physiotherapy skills.

2) Organizing good administration of Professional Physiotherapy Education and effective example in applying Physiotherapy Professional Education.

3) Produce physiotherapy graduates who are able to provide professional physiotherapy services to the community.


The Goal of the Physiotherapy Professional Education Study Program

  1. Implementation of professional physiotherapy education that produces graduates who excel in neuromuscular physiotherapy technology.
  2. The realization of effective and efficient management of Physiotherapy Professional Education.

3. Produced professional physiotherapists who are able to apply neuromuscular physiotherapy (neuromuscular modification) in promoting the movement health and function of the community.