Welcome to The International Nursing and Health Science Student and Health Care Professionals Conference (INHSP)


The conference brings together students, health care practitioners, educators, patients, patient advocates, system leaders, or policy-maker to share experiences related to research in nursing and physiotherapy worldwide to improve health outcomes. The INHSP program is designed to create a lively and dynamic exchange of ideas and practices preparing future and current health care providers and leaders to collaborate within and across professions. This program also transcends boundaries to transform learning, policies, practices, toward an improved system of health and wellness for individual patients, communities, and populations. This conference is committed to the preparation of health care and health profession to learn the mechanics of the research process and the evidence-based practice through interactions with experienced researchers and practitioners.

The conference offer seminar and workshop which address contemporary issues with evidence-based solutions, while addressing complexity in evidence-based care. A wide variety of clinical issues will be presented based on the abstracts submitted. We encourage nurses, physiotherapists, and other health professionals from clinical practice, academic and administrative settings, and nursing and health sciences students to use this forum to learn more about the wonderful research activities and to stimulate further interest in future research. We cordially invite all concerned people to come to join us at our event and make it successful with your participation.


The 3rd INHSP: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YDdNeytoiKNCB4RKa3oiiNUKiWPKkmH-/view?usp=sharing

The 4th INHSP: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1giz5wXgTkuskH3YZFKjbgAlYZ74K47v3/view?usp=sharing

Contact and Inquiries

Email: inhspunhas@unhas.ac.id