In order to map the strengths and weaknesses of higher education institutions and measure the performance of institutions in terms of strengthening innovation, a benchmarking study is needed with relevant indicators. The indicators assessed include research, publication, innovation, and community service performance. In order to prepare the performance data, a Research, Innovation and Publication Database Update Team (RIP) was formed at the 2020 UH Nursing Faculty, based on the Decree of the Dean of the Faculty of Nursing Unhas Number 004/UN4.18/HK.04/2021

This team was led by Riskah Nur’Amalia, S.Ft., Physio., M.Biomed, under the direction of Vice Dean I FKep UH, Rini Rachmawaty, S.Kp., Ns., MN., Ph.D. The team members involved include:

  1. Framita Rahman, S.Kep., Ns., M.Sc
  2. Rabia, S.Ft., M.Biomed
  3. Melda Putri S.Ft, Physio, M. Kes

The main task of this team is to update all data on research performance, publications, community service and innovation of the Faculty of Nursing Unhas.