Our academic staff

At Faculty of Nursing of Hasanuddin University, in Physiotherapy Study Program our staff are committed to the highest standards of teaching and learning and to delivering an exceptional student experience. Below information provide  the background and research interests of a member of our academic staff

Dr. Djohan Aras, S.Ft,Physio,M.Pd., M.Kes  Immanuel Maulang, S.Ft,Physio, M.Kes, Sp.FOr Itarini, S.Ft,Physio, M.Kes
Salki Sadmita S.Ft,Physio,M.Kes Andi Besse Ahsaniyah, S.Ft,Physio,M.Kes Adi Ahmad Gondo, S.Ft,Physio,M.Kes
Nurhikmaway Hasbiah, S.Ft,Physio,M.Kes Nahdiah Purnamasari, S.Ft,Physio,M.Kes Andi Rahmaniar Suciani PujiningrumSFt,Physio,M.Kes
Rijal, S.Ft., Physio, M.Kes., M.Sc. Yudi Hardianto, S.Ft., Physio, MClinRehab Farahdina Bachtiar,S.Ft,Physio,M.Sc
Irianto Kadir,S.Ft,Physio,M.Kes Dian Amaliah Nawir, S.Ft,Physio, M.Kes
Nurhardiyanty,S .Ft,Physio,M.Sc Melda Putri, S.Ft,Physio,M.Kes Fadhia Adliah S.Ft,Physio, M.Kes