International Partnership

BSN-PN has established partnership with several overseas universities, such as Kanazawa University, Hanze University Groningen, and La Trobe University.

Activities including students inbound and outbound, lecturer outbound, guest lecturer, and visiting professor.

For students inbound and outbound activities,  a short exchange student program with School of Nursing, Kanazawa University was conducted in 2015. Seven undergraduate students from Kanazawa University studied in BSN-PN program for two weeks. Reversely, five BSN-PN program student were outbound to Kanazawa University for two weeks. Second, student inbound program has been initiated since 2017 in cooperation with School of Nursing- Hanze University of Groningen. During 2018, six students from Hanze University of Groningen study in BSN-PN program, particularly at PN stage. They complete up to three course modules in five to six months. While, the outbound activity from UH student to Hanze University of Groningen is expected next year. Currently, the student inbound from Hanze University of Groningen is a non-credit program. However, there is a chance to develop the course module conducted in BSN-PN program to be available for student from other countries. Development of policy and system are needed to implement it.

For outbound lecturer activities, two lectures from BSN-PN program went to La Trobe University for 3 months for publication enhancement. They aimed to publish one manuscript collaborated with lecturers from school of Nursing La Trobe.

Visiting Professor has been started since 2013 and since then there have been several visiting professor to Faculty of Nursing. They also have delivered lecturers to students.