Graduate profile:

  1. Clinician

Able to provide physiotherapy services independently by conducting assessments, establishing physiotherapy diagnoses, and physiotherapy interventions to patients/clients/the wider community

2. Health Educator

Able to transform knowledge about basic concepts, principles, and theories related to the field of Physiotherapy from cognitive, affective, and psychomotor aspects.

3. Researcher

Able to conduct research and use it in developing the field of Physiotherapy.

4. Manager

Able to lead, manage, make decisions, and solve problems in an agency/organization/community related to the health sector.

Graduate Learning Outcomes

  1. Attitude

    Fear of God Almighty and able to show religious attitude in academic activities (CP1)
    Be empathetic and cooperative and maintain client/patient confidentiality regarding Physiotherapy services. (CP2)

  2. General Skills

    Able to study and apply scientific thinking (logical, critical, systematic, and innovative), independently or collectively in developing Science and Technology Faculty of Engineering by paying attention to humanities values. (CP3)
    Able to study and develop the concept of interprofessional education in science and technology FT. (CP4)

  3. Mastery of Science

    Mastering general basic scientific theory concepts related to FT (Biological basic Science, Psychologic Science, Movement Science, Professionalism and Ethics, Care of Practice of PT and Humanities) (CP5)
    Mastering the basic scientific theoretical concepts of FT expertise (Biomechanics-Ergonomics, Biomedicine, Biophysics, Applied Pathology and Research Methodology) (CP6)
    Mastering the theoretical concepts of science and technology expertise FT (CP7)

  4. Special skill

    Able to implement physiotherapy modalities by utilizing the results of Laboratory-Radiology, applied pathology & wellness, related to movement & function in FT (CP8)
    Able to carry out the FT process in a systematic and adequate manner, based on the theoretical concepts of general basic science, basic science of expertise, and science of expertise independently. (CP9)
    Able to compile and develop the concept of modification of the FT technique method based on the results of the FT evaluation (CP10)