The D3 Nursing and Health Study Program in Remote Areas is an Unhas initiative that was motivated by the Extraordinary Events (KLB) of malnutrition and measles in Asmat Regency, Papua Province which occurred in early 2018 which caused the death of more than 70 children. After Hasanuddin University coordinated with the Asmat Regency Government, the integrated health team was dispatched with the support of the government through the Ministry of Social Affairs. Based on the assessment of the Unhas Integrated Health Team, which was also sent to help overcome this problem, it is known that one of the factors that had a major influence on the incident, and has the potential to be the risk of causing the same incident to repeat itself if no improvement is made, is the lack of trained health workers who can reach various settlements. Asmat people living in various scattered districts.

In contrast to other D3 programs in the health sector which tend to be mono-disciplinary, the D3 Nursing and Remote Area Health Study program is designed in such an integrated manner to produce health workers with the main competence of nursing, plus complementary competencies in the form of basic knowledge and skills of public health and preventive medicine. environmental health, nutrition science, and midwifery. The curriculum is specifically designed to produce health workers who are very suitable to be assigned to remote areas with a minimum number of health workers, because they have complete plus competencies which are the basic capital to spearhead health services, and are mentally prepared to work in remote areas in Indonesia. the districts they come from. Students who pass the selection must state their willingness to fully participate in the educational process and are ready to return to serve in their home districts when completed in accordance with the manpower policy of the Asmat Regency Government.

Student Activities

DIII students of Nursing Faculty of Nursing, Hasanuddin University conduct Student activities, including the activities of Acceptance and Character Development of New Students (P2KMB) and UNHAS DAY. UNHAS DAY was held on August 17, 2019, which were from the 2018 and 2019 DIII Nursing students. Other activities were the Wolter Monginsidi Student Regiment Unit 701 Hasanuddin University 2021 and a volleyball competition for the 2019 FK Anniversary.