Physiotherapists are professional health workers who work for humans of all ages who aim to maintain, improve health, restore function and dependence if individuals get a lack of ability disorders or problems caused by physical damage, psychology and so on.

WCPT recommends education to be a physiotherapist centered on universities or other studies at university level, minimum 4 years independent and accredited and graduates approved as university graduates legally (accords graduates full statutory) and recognized by the profession.

WCPT will assist the national physiotherapy association (PP IFI) by developing appropriate (appropriate) education standards and developing the accreditation process.

Started since 1960: Assistant Physiotherapy Education in Surakarta.

Then developed Physiotherapy education in Indonesia. Starting from the DIII, DIV, S1 and Professional levels.

In Makassar, Physiotherapy was first established at the Physiotherapy Academy (Akfis) of the Ministry of Health in Ujung Pandang and changed its name to the Department of Health Polytechnic of Makassar Makassar Makassar Health Polytechnic.


2002-2003: Prof. Rady A. Gani (Rector of Unhas at that time) was handled by Prof. Dr. A. Idrus Paturusi (Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Unhas) at the Medical Clinic with complaints of knee injuries. Then consulted for the treatment of Physiotherapy: Djohan Aras. While in physiotherapy he asked about the level of education Ft then answered was still D3. Therefore, he asked the Dean of the UH FK at that time to open a S1 Physiotherapy education at Unhas.

Prof. Idrus (Dean of FK UH)  Djohan: “What do you have to open a new study program?”. So Mr. Djohan was asked to meet Prof. Irawan (Assistant Dean of FK UH) and also consulted with Prof. Haeruddin Razak, Sp.OT (Head of Orthopedic Specialist FK UH).

After being repaired and refined several times the result was “CONCEPT OF S1 PHYSIOTHERAPY CURRICULUM FK UNHAS”.

2004: TITAFI Jogja Pak Djohan as chairman of the IFI cab. Makassar stated that Unhas will open S1 Physiotherapy. The response of almost all branches of IFI branches across Indonesia was negative.

Thanks to the support and encouragement of The Founding Father: Prof. Rady A.Gany, Prof. Idrus Paturusi, Prof. Irawan Yusuf, and Prof. Haeruddin Razak and Dr.Djohan Aras consolidation were then carried out to Dr.dr. Ilhamjaya Patellongi, M.Kes as the Head of PSIK FK Unhas to be able to initiate the establishment of Unhas Physiotherapy study program.

2005-2008: With the help of doctor Ilhamjaya, 1st batch of S1 Physiotherapy students was admitted to the PSIK FKUH Physiotherapy concentration. The number of students is 30 people (Cooperation Paths / Advanced Pathways from DIII). Then continue to accept students for the following years

2008: Exit operational permit with Decree of the Directorate General of National Education NO. 852 / D / T / 2008.

Finally Dr. Djohan and Dr. Ilhamjaya who directly went to Jakarta to receive the decree.

First Head of Department: Dr.dr. Ilhamjaya Patellongi, M.Kes became the first head of the Physiotherapy Study Program FK Unhas.

Directly accepts Course A students (high school graduates) class I.

2010-present: Head of Study Program Dr. H. Djohan Aras, S.Ft, Physio, M.Pd, M.Kes.

There have been many spawned alumni who have been accepted in various government and non-government agencies.

Has contributed a lot of thought and support and became the Rule Model for the formation of S1 Physiotherapy in Indonesia.

He became the General Chair of the Association of Physiotherapy Universities (APTIFI) Indonesia.