The Hasanuddin University Community Service Team chaired by Rini Rachmawaty, S.Kep.,Ns.,MN.,Ph.D with members dr. Firdaus Hamid, Ph.D., Sp.MK; Indra Gaffar, S.Kep.,Ns.,M.Kep; Andi Baso Tombong, S.Kep.,Ns.,MANP along with 2 students; Liya Ameliya, S.Kep and Fira Rezki Amaliah S.Kep carried out Patient Safety Education or counseling about patient safety to patients and their families, located at the Polyclinic Installation of the Haji Makassar Hospital in collaboration with the Hospital Health Promotion Unit (PKRS) on Friday 9 September 2022 at 08.30-11.00 WITA and as many as 29 patients and their families participated in this activity.

Six implementations of patient safety goals were explained and simulated to patients and their families, namely: 1) information about patient identification bracelets; 2) patient involvement in care planning; 3) vigilance of health workers in administering drugs to patients; 4) patient involvement in high-risk procedures; 5) the patient’s view of the habit of washing hands; and 6) reduce the risk of injury due to falls. This activity aims to increase public knowledge in this case are patients and their families at the polyclinic about patient safety to prevent and reduce the risk of errors and losses that occur to patients during the provision of health services. Patients and families are expected to be able to identify sources of risk and potential hazards and take preventive measures to reduce the risk of harm to them when receiving care or health services at the hospital.

This activity was also coupled with giving pretest and posttest to patients and their families who participated in this activity to measure and compare the extent of participants’ understanding before and after the education related to Patient Safety was given.

In the future, this activity will also be carried out and continued at 3 other hospitals, Labuang Baji Hospital, Siti Fatimah Mother and Child Hospital, Mother and Child Hospital RSKD.