Community service activities have been carried out at SDIT Ar-Rahmah Unhas Lecturer Housing Complex on Thursday, June 16 2022 with the theme “Achieving Heart-Lung Health in Children Through Detection and Education”. This activity was opened by the Head of the S1 Physiotherapy Study Program, namely Irianto, S.Ft., Physio. M.Kes who was warmly welcomed by the principal, teachers, and 80 students of SDIT Ar-Rahmah, each consisting of 4th and 5th graders (aged 10-11 years).

This series of events consists of:
1) Counseling, aimed at educating children regarding the importance of detecting cardiopulmonary fitness from an early age brought by Dr. Djohan Aras, S.Ft., Physio, M.Kes. Where, in the material it is stated that it is difficult to sleep, feels tired, sluggish, lacks movement, is easily short of breath, coughs easily and has fever, has an irregular pulse, often looks pale, often has chest pain, sometimes swollen limbs/face. , and the tips of the fingers / toes look enlarged and feel cold are signs of heart-lung disease in children.
2) Measurement of cardiopulmonary fitness in children, using a six-minute walking test. Namely, each student is asked to do a brisk walk for 6 minutes and calculate how far the child can travel in that time.

Meanwhile, the committee who joined the community service team consisted of lecturers of the Physiotherapy Study Program, Faculty of Nursing, UNHAS, which was chaired by Hamisah S.Ft., Physio. M.Biomed and consists of Salki Sadmita, S.Ft., Physio, M.Kes; Dr. Meutiah Abdullah, S.Ft., Physio, M.Kes; Adi Ahmad Gondo, S.Ft., Physio, M.Kes; Irianto Kadir, S.Ft., Physio, M.Kes; Melda Putri, S.Ft., Physio, M.Kes; Yeri Mustari, S.Ft., Physio, M.Clin. Rehab; Riskah Nur ‘amalia, S.Ft., Physio, M.Biomed; Dr. Andi Rizky Arbaim Hasyar, S.Ft., Physio, and education staff namely Ahmad Fatilah, S.Sos.