The Physiotherapy Profession study program succeeded in bringing students with 100% first taker graduation in the Physiotherapy Profession National Competency Examination. Previously, the internal committee of the UKOMNAS (National Competency Examination) for the physiotherapy professional study program, the Hasanuddin University nursing faculty, provided a briefing on February 12, 2022 for all students who will take part in the UKOMNAS by online. Then on February 14, 2022 PERFI held a Try Out in the CBT room of the Faculty of Medicine on the 3rd floor with the Supervisor from PW PERFI, namely Dr. St. Nurul Fajriah, S.Ft, Physio, M.Kes.

This UKOMNAS activity is held offline using the Lab room. CBT Faculty of Medicine 1st Floor, on Saturday, February 26, 2022 with a total of 44 students participating. This activity was attended directly by the general chairman of PERFI, the Secretary General of PERFI and the Head of the PERFI UKOMNAS Team. The supervisor on duty at that time was PARMONO DWI PUTRO, SFt, MM (Chairman of PERFI), MUH. IRFAN, SKM,SST.FT., M.Fis (SECRETARY GENERAL OF PERFI), AGUS RIYANTO,Amd.Ft., SKM., M.Fis (Chairman of UKOMNAS), MUH. RENDY HERDIANSYAH, Amd.Ft (TIM UKOMNAS) and MELDA PUTRI,S.Ft, Physio., M. Kes (LOCAL SUPERVISOR). With a total of 180 questions in less than 3 hours, all of them have solved the problem. Then it was carried out with strict procedures using masks, faceshields and handscoons provided by the committee before entering the exam room. Before the UKOMNAS activity took place, all the people involved in this activity, both students, supervisors and the committee, had done an antigen swab the day before the exam took place.