Siaga Ners once again held their routine Basic Emergency Skill 2022 or abbreviated BES 2022 with the theme “The Creation of an Emergency Response Generation and Humanitarian Spirit in the Era of a Pandemic”, this activity lasted for three consecutive days, Friday to Sunday (25-27/3) . With a series of activities including opening, providing material, as well as simulating cases and closings online and offline.
The materials given during the BES took place on the second day of the series, namely Introduction to Emergency, Basic Life Support (BHD), Airway Breathing Management (ABM), Transportation, and Splints which were given online via Virtual Zoom Meeting by retired Siaga Ners Himika F.Kep -UH, namely:
1. Syahrul Ningrat S.Kep.,Ns.,M.Kep.,Sp.Kep.MB
2. Karnila, S.Kep.Ns
3. Nur Islami, S. Kep., Ns
4. Andri Prianto, S.Kep.Ns
5. Literally Lutfa Ilham, S.Kep.Ns
6. Saznita Tajuddin, S.Kep.Ns
7. Andi Mappasallang, S.Kep
8. Rasnita
9. Nurhikmawati

Furthermore, a series of activities on the third day, namely a case simulation where 2022 students will discuss emergency cases and case presentations then the participants practice how to handle the case directly through a virtual zoom meeting. The next activity was followed by the announcement of the best participant in the 2022 BES on behalf of Alifiarti Ashmaunni’mah I. Rusdi which was followed by the closing of the 2022 Basic Emergency Skill activity by the Organizational Supervisory Board Himika F.Kep Unhas for the 2022 period.

Basic Emergency Skill, is a mandatory flow for recruiting new students at one of the Himika F.Kep Unhas institutions, namely Siaga Ners, which is expected to add insight to new 2022 students if they face related cases.

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