Higher Education aims to realize community service based on reasoning and research work that is useful in advancing the general welfare and educating the nation’s life. This means that the implementation of research and community service is the hallmark of a university. The S1 Physiotherapy and Physiotherapy Professional Education study program has carried out community service activities with the theme “Socializing the role of physiotherapy in sports injuries in cell consuls”. This activity was held in the meeting room of the Grand Wisata Hotel in Makassar on November 21, 2021.

This activity invited lecturers from the phenomenology of the physiotherapy study program, namely Djohan Aras, S.Ft, Physio., M.Kes, M.pd and Immanuel Maulang, S.Ft, Physio., M.Kes., Sp.OR. Besides being attended by all permanent lecturers of S1 Study Program and Physiotherapy Professional Education, this activity also invited new UNM physiotherapy students, trainers with various sports branches and was opened to the public. Through this socialization activity, participants can find out about the role of physiotherapy in sports health so as to prevent the occurrence of health problems that will be obtained during training or competing.