The Undergraduate Study Program (S1) and the Physiotherapy Professional Education Study Program, Faculty of Nursing held workshops on Vision, Mission, Strategic Goals and Targets in order to readjust to the Vision, Mission, Objectives and Strategic Goals of universities and faculties. This activity will be held on Thursday, July 29, 2021, virtually at the zoom meeting. This workshop was opened by the dean of the nursing faculty, Mrs. Dr. Ariyanti Saleh, S.Kp., M.Si and attended by Faculty Leaders, Physiotherapy Lecturers, Head of IKA Unhas, Professional Organizations, Alumni, Graduate Users, Partners and Students. The activity took place very actively where many participants provided very varied and quality input, there was a long discussion between graduates and graduate users as well as a very in-depth brainstorming that created a strategic vision, mission, goals and objectives for undergraduate study programs and physiotherapy professional education that will be further discussed by the Internal party.

Furthermore, the desired goals of the Undergraduate Study Program and Physiotherapy professional education are Reviewing the suitability of the Vision, Mission, Strategic Goals and Objectives, Drafting the latest Vision, Mission, Goals and Strategy Targets. Then the target is to improve the quality of physiotherapy lecturers and graduates, improve curriculum and learning and increase national standard accreditation and the implementation of international standard accreditation. The hope is to produce a new draft Vision, Mission, Objectives and Strategic Goals which will be submitted to the University for approval.