Science in addition to practicing it is also needed to be upgraded according to the time, seeing science is growing seen from one’s experience and performance and more research to prove that science is true, the physiotherapy study program organizes a national webinar with the topic “Prevent Knee Joint Instability Post ACL Reconstruction Surgery by Sports Physiotherapy Approach”. This webinar will be held on Saturday, July 24, 2021, virtually using Zoom Meeting and attended by participants who have registered both with SKP and Non-SKP. This activity was also attended by all physiotherapy lecturers, Head of Physiotherapy S1 Study Program, Mrs. Andi Besse Ahsaniyah, S, Ft, Physio., M.Kes , Head of Physiotherapy Profession Study Program Mr. Yudi Hardianto, S.Ft, Physio, M.ClinRehab and deputy dean I Rini Rachmawaty , S.Kep., Ns., MN., Ph.D as Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, Research and Innovation as well as opening this national webinar.

In addition, the physiotherapy study program presents 4 presenters who are very professional in their respective fields. The first speaker, namely, dr. Moh. Andri Usman, Sp. OT(K)., Ph.D with the material “ACL Recontrusion Operation”, the second speaker, namely Immanuel Maulang, S.Ft, Physio., M.Kes with the material “Phase of Graft Protection Post ACL Reconstruction Operation”, the third material was presented by Wahyu Iriyandi, S.Ft, Physio with the material “Return to Sport Phase to Return to Play Post ACL Reconstruction Surgery” and the last one is Asdar Fajrin Multazam, S.Ft, Physio., M.Kes by presenting additional material as PERFI ( Indonesian Physiotherapy Association), namely “Guidelines for Physiotherapy Services in the Condition of the Covid-19 Pandemic”. The webinar was very active and attended by physiotherapists from various regions in Indonesia.