The Faculty of Nursing at Hasanuddin University in collaboration with the Unhas Nurse Alumni Association (IKA) held a Series #1 Alumni Webinar on Tuesday, July 13, 2021. The webinar with the theme of Dementia is a collaboration between the Faculty of Nursing through IKA Ners and Kaikoukai Healthcare Group, Japan. This series of webinar events was opened directly by the Dean of the Faculty of Nursing, Dr. Ariyanti Saleh, S.Kp., M.Sc.
This webinar is one of the activities of IKA Nurses Unhas which aims to refresh and update the knowledge of Unhas Nurses alumni on the topic of treating patients with Dementia. Previously, IKA Ners Unhas held a training entitled Basic Training for Nurses in 2019. “Actually, Kaikoukai really wants to hold training offline like in 2019, but because of the pandemic, what has been done is a webinar. In the future, it is possible that IKA Ners will involve relevant agencies to be involved,” explained Ade Irma Rahayu, Chair of the Series #1 Alumni Webinar Committee.
The topic discussed in this Alumni Webinar Series #1 is Care of Patients with Dementia, presented by Yamakawa Yugo Sensei, a dementia expert from Kaikoukai Healthcare Group, Japan. The discussion is specific to the definition of dementia, the history of dementia in Japan, understanding the perspective of people with dementia, and understanding the world that people with dementia feel. Yamakawa Sensei is also very interactive in delivering the material, namely by holding simulations to understand the behavior of patients with dementia. This increases the enthusiasm of the participants during the webinar.
Cooperation between the Faculty of Nursing Unhas and Kaikoukai Healthcare Group. Japan has been established in 2019. In addition to webinars, the Faculty of Nursing Unhas has established several forms of cooperation in the form of training or seminars for alumni and students, inbound professors where two researchers from Kaikoukai Healthcare Group Japan have taught several courses at F.Kep since the semester then until now and they have been appointed as Non-Permanent Foreign Lecturers of Unhas by the Chancellor of Unhas, and the third is in the form of joint research between Kaikoukai researchers and F.Kep Unhas lecturers which is currently also ongoing.
Syahrul, S.Kep., Ns., M.Kes., Ph.D, as the head of IKA Ners Unhas hopes that, through this webinar, alumni who are mostly nurses in hospitals and health centers get updated information about the latest Dementia patient care, so that it can be applied in the Health service where they work. “Alumni who generally work in health services can better understand the perspective of patients with dementia, how to communicate well with patients with dementia, and can also put our position in the world of patients with dementia to improve their quality of life in carrying out daily activities,” he explained.