Community service is an inseparable element of the tri dharma of higher education. The development of community service activities by lecturers is highly dependent on the availability of financing both internally and externally. In 2021, the Physiotherapy Undergraduate Study Program allocates a budget to finance the study program’s internal community service grants. This funding is expected to spur the productivity of lecturers to carry out community service activities and increase lecturer publications in the field of Community Service. Under the direction of the Head of the Physiotherapy Undergraduate Study Program, Andi Besse Ahsaniyah, S.Ft., Physio, M.Kes, the Internal Community Service Grant Selection Committee held an online socialization of Guidelines for the 2021 Physiotherapy Program Internal Community Service Grants on Monday, 19 July 2021 through Zoom Meeting application.

Attended by Lecturers of the Undergraduate Study Program and the Physiotherapy Profession of FKep-UH, this socialization activity was guided by the Secretary of the Selection Committee (Melda Putri, S.Ft., Physio, M.Kes) and officially opened by the Head of the Physiotherapy Undergraduate Study Program. The Guidelines for Internal Community Service Grants for the 2021 Physiotherapy Study Program were presented by the Chair of the Grant Selection Committee (Rabia, S.Ft, M.Biomed), which included the systematics of writing proposals, provisions for proposals and proposers, timeline of activities, as well as the expected outcomes of the proposals submitted. After the presentation of the guidelines followed by a question and answer agenda from the participants of the activity to the committee. It is hoped that this can be a forum for prospective grant proposers to clearly ask things that are still poorly understood regarding the grant proposal. The activity participants, in this case the Physiotherapy Study Program Lecturer, FKep-UH, were very enthusiastic in responding to the Physiotherapy Study Program Internal Community Service Grant in 2021.