One of the final year students of the Faculty of Nursing, Hasanuddin University, managed to get funding for thesis research from the Hadji Kalla Foundation. Funding assistance in the form of a scholarship for this final project is intended to finance the research of students who have conducted thesis proposal seminars.

Musfirah, an 8th-semester student of the Nursing Science Study Program, became 1 of 10 Unhas students who received the Phase 1 thesis scholarship of the Hadji Kalla Foundation. In an interview conducted on Friday (25/6) he expressed his gratitude for being assisted and fully supported by the supervisor and student staff of the Faculty of Nursing. “This scholarship is to finance my research, because my research involves intervention in the community, so it requires a lot of funding,” he explained.

Musfirah raised an interesting and applicable thesis topic. The thesis entitled “The Effect of PHBS Storytelling on the Behavior of Children with Disabilities in SLB A Yapti Makassar” was supervised directly by Abdul Madjid, S.Kep., Ns., M.Kep., Sp.KMB and Framita Rahman, S.Kep., Ns. , MSc. Another interesting thing is that the thesis research is a continuation of the Student Creativity Program (PKM) which passed the funding and passed the 33rd National Student Scientific Week (PIMNAS) in 2020 at UGM one year ago.

The phase 1 scholarship has indeed been completed, but there will be the next application for phase 2 of thesis scholarship from the Hadji Kalla Foundation. Musfirah hopes that her passing will motivate her friends, especially from the Faculty of Nursing, to register. “In my opinion, the one who has the chance to win is the one whose research is applicable. Because the foundation itself will ask us to apply the results of the research in the assisted villages in the future,” he said.