In order to increase the friendship and kinship of Hasanuddin University physiotherapy alumni, today, Tuesday, June 15, 2021, the inauguration of the Physiotherapy Alumni Association (IKA FISIO) Hasanuddin University for the period 2021-2025 has been held. This event was attended by all administrators who will be inaugurated and also attended by the Dean of the Faculty of Nursing, namely Dr. Ariyanti Saleh, S.Kp., M.Si, Deputy Dean for Student Affairs, Alumni, and Partnerships, namely Syahrul, S.Kep., Ns., M.Kes., Ph.D, Head of the Physiotherapy undergraduate study program Andi Besse Ahsaniyah, S.Ft., Physio., M.Kes., Head of the Physiotherapy Profession Study Program Yudi Hardianto, S.Ft., Physio., M.Kes. Not to forget, the Head of the Indonesian Physiotherapy Association (IFI) Makassar Branch Ansar, S.Ft., Physio., M.Kes and IFI South Sulawesi Region Muh. Hatta, SST.FT also attended this activity.

The management of IKA FISIO was inaugurated directly by the General Chairperson of the Daily Management of the Hasanuddin University Alumni Association Asmawi Syam, SE., MM. The chairman of IKA FISIO after being inaugurated stated his ability to bring this organization to be a link between the Faculty of Nursing at Hasanuddin University and alumni of the Unhas Physiotherapy Study Program spread throughout Indonesia. Congratulations to the elected management of IKA FISIO UNHAS.