In the Covid-19 pandemic situation, Hasanuddin University Faculty of Nursing students remained productive by participating in the Indonesian Student Debate Competition (KDMI) for the Hasanuddin University Campus Selection. This competition was held online through the Zoom Meeting application by Unhas Student Affairs. In this competition, the Nursing Student Association (HIMIKA) F.Kep Unhas delegated 7 students, namely Fadhilah Nurul Qalbi, Rati Mardhatillah, A. Nur Rizqi Ramadhani Syam, Eluzal Megahyuni, Muh. Fadhil Ichsan, Andi Fitria Idham, and Amrun Dzauqy.

Andi Fitria Idham, who is a student of the Nursing Science Study Program FKEP Unhas batch 2020, managed to become a Top 4 participant. Through an interview on Saturday (12/06), Andi Fitria revealed that arguing is not only about arguing, but several other things must be considered in the debate. “I think the most important thing to pay attention to in a debate is structure. But the most important thing is to manage each component of the speech that will be delivered, starting from the stance, the mechanism, to the argumentation. The arguments also need to be considered again which are ‘philosophical’ and which are ‘practical’, so that the explanations are ordered and the correlations appear,” he explained.

Andi Fitria, who has been in the debate competition, hopes that her friends from the Nursing Faculty of Unhas will not be afraid to try to compete, even though they don’t have any experience. Furthermore, explained that he and the other delegates were not ready to compete, because F.Kep himself had facilitated the training by bringing in brothers from HEDS (Hasanuddin English Debating Society).