In order to increase student participation in the Faculty of Nursing in the field of leadership. The Faculty of Nursing, Hasanuddin University Delegated students to take part in the Student leadership forum batch II Batch 2020 which was held virtually on March 20, 2021, This activity was attended by 170 students from the Class of 2020 consisting of 15 faculties within Hasanuddin University where the participants consisted of 10 Selected students in each faculty plus students who are free of the Student Council Leadership Pathway Test. Hasanuddin University Faculty of Nursing Delegates students to take part in this activity. Consists of 10 students, namely 5 nursing science study program students and 5 physiotherapy study program students.

This activity was preceded by an opening by Mc and a report from the chairman of the Batch II Student Leadership Forum (SLF) Batch II Student Class of 2020 by Dr. Muh Ilham Arisaputra, SH., Mkn.
“We hope that the Outpot from SLF will later provide a significant difference among other students in the Hasanuddin University environment,” he explained.

This activity was attended by the Vice Chancellor for Student and Alumni Affairs Unhas, Prof. Dr. drg Andi Arsunan Arsin MKes, Director of DAPK Unhas as well as opening the Batch II Student Leadership Forum (SLF) Batch II Student Class 2020 in this case also attended by the Chairperson of the Working Group and the Working Group Team, Student Affairs Staff , and several students as participants in this activity. The hope of the 2020 Batch II SLF is to create Unhas students in addition to being Academic Intelligent as well as being able to dynamize campus organizations well.

In his speech, Prof. Dr. drg Andi Arsunan Arsinan M.kes., Said “In addition to Hardskill, this activity is where students are also trained to develop their soft skills to develop intelligence in the organization,”

With the theme “Millennial Leading, Who’s Afraid?”, This event brought in four great speakers. They are Dr. Ir. Isradi Zainal MT., MH., MM., DESS., IPU., ASEAN Eng, Dr. Mulyadi, S.sos.,, Arsanti Handayani, SH, Yahya Thamrin, SKM., Mkes., MOHS., Ph.D

In this case, several presenters said that this SLF Batch II Class 2020 activity is a very extraordinary forum which functions to shape the character of a person’s leader. According to him, getting a leadership attitude needs a long process.
Some of the opinions of students (participants) in this activity, that this activity is a very extraordinary activity where we are formed to be good leaders, where the presenters in this activity are extraordinary figures in their respective fields, through This activity we are also able to develop and hone our skills in the field of leadership, he explained.