Hasanuddin University through the Faculty of Nursing Unhas in collaboration with the Nursing Department, Yokohama City University opened the Sakura Science Online Exchange program. The activity is scheduled to last for three days and started on Tuesday (19/01) virtually through the zoom meeting application.

During the interview, Wednesday (20/01), the Vice Dean for Student Affairs and Alumni of the Faculty of Nursing Unhas, Syahrul Said, S.Kep., NS., M.Kes., PhD, explained that this program is part of work implementation. same as the Nursing Department, Yokohama City University, Japan.

The aim is to share knowledge, research and nursing experiences between the two universities, especially on the topic of nursing in patients with dysphagia (ie patients who experience symptoms of difficulty swallowing).

“This activity was originally planned for offline in Yokohama. There were 20 students as participants, 3 lecturers as facilitators, and 1 lecturer as resource persons. However, because the Covid-19 pandemic situation is still high, the process has switched to online, “explained Syahrul.

Through this program, students gain experience following international level programs. They interact with lecturers and students at the destination. As well as getting new knowledge. For lecturers, Syahrul added, it can help the process of identifying potential research topics that can increase joint research activities.

Dean of the Faculty of Nursing Unhas, Dr Ariyanti Saleh, S.Kp., M.Kes., Added that through this program, apart from building international cooperation between universities, it is also a form of supporting Unhas’ efforts towards a World Class University. All elements involved are also expected to obtain broader information and knowledge.

“The Faculty of Nursing wants to take a role in Unhas steps towards a World Class University. We continue to open up opportunities for international cooperation, especially since study programs have been internationally accredited by prestigious institutions, “said Ariyanti.

The Undergraduate Study Program and the Nursing Professional Study Program have received international accreditation recognition from ASIIN (Akkreditierungsagentur für Studiengänge der Ingenieurwissenschaften, der Informatik, der Naturwissenschaften und der Mathematik) based in Germany. This accreditation was achieved in July 2019.

Quoted from: https://unhas.ac.id/v2/article/title/unhas-dan-yokohama-city-university-kerja-sama-program-sakura-science-online-exchange/