The Department of Community and Family Nursing, Hasanuddin University Faculty of Nursing, carries out a community empowerment program as a form of community service (24/10). Activities carried out online via zoom in the form of a webinar with the theme of increasing family independence during the Covid-19 pandemic. This activity is also part of the 3rd anniversary of the Nursing Faculty of Hasanuddin University. The activity was filled with various interesting materials aimed at the general public, including recognizing the symptoms of stroke for families by Mrs. Wa Ode Nur Isnah Sabriyati, S.Kep., M.Kes, SEFT therapy to reduce anxiety by Ns. Kusrini Kadar, S.Kep., MN., PhD, processing organic and non-organic waste for housewives by Ns. Arnis Puspitha, S.Kep., M.Kes and material on how to change plastic waste into rupiah with decoupage. This event was hosted by Ns. Bahtiar, S.Kep., M.Kep., Sp.Kep.Kom and Ns. Framitha Rahman, S.Kep., MSc.
Ns. Bahtiar, S.Kep., M.Kep., Sp.Kep.Kom as the head of the committee at this activity stated that the participants who participated were followed by various groups, ages and regional domiciles who were not only from the city of Makassar but also from outside the region many who participated as well as with a total of 208 participants who registered. The material presented by the speakers is expected to be able to provide new information and skills for the community so that it can increase family independence in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic conditions that we still feel today.