Lecturers of the Faculty of Nursing UNHAS (Department of Basic Nursing, Medical-Surgical Nursing, and Emergency Nursing) Provide counselling with the topic “Healthy with family during the Covid-19 Pandemic” to the community virtually.
As a series of the 3rd UNHAS Faculty of Nursing Anniversary, Lecturers of the Nursing Study Program from 3 departments, namely Basic Nursing, Medical-Surgical Nursing and Emergency Nursing, provided education to the general public via a virtual zoom on Saturday, October 3, 2020. This virtual discussion was followed by 151 people from many different places. The material presented is closely related to how to maintain health in the era of the Covid-19 pandemic, especially the prevention of hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus (DM), Hygiene, Basic Living Assistance (BHD), and first aid in accidents.
Presentation of session 1 material by Dr Yuliana Syam, S.Kep, Ns, M.Si and Dr Elly L.Sjattar, S.Kp, M.Kes discussed recognizing the signs and symptoms of hypertension, and prevention efforts, such as a low salt diet which is one way to control and lower blood pressure for people with hypertension, this education focuses on the amount of salt that can be consumed per day, salt substitutes in the form of herbs and spices that are around us and how to properly process food.
Then continued by Dr Takdir Tahir, S.Kep, Ns, M.Kes, discussing Diabetes Mellitus, especially the various myths and facts that are often believed by the public even though they are contrary to the healthy lifestyle of DM patients, continued Saldy Yusuf, S. Ns, MN, P.hD emphasized that Indonesia is one of the 10 countries with the largest number of people with diabetes in the world, where one of the main complications is diabetic foot wounds so it is very important to do foot care as a preventive measure: check feet, wash feet, cut nails, use proper socks and footwear. This session was guided very nicely by Titi Iswanty, S.Kep, Ns, M.Kep, Sp.KMB.
In between the two material presentation sessions, Dr Rosyidah Arafat, M. Kep ​​gave a 6-step hand washing simulation according to the World Health Organization (WHO) standards which were followed simultaneously by virtual discussion participants.
In the second session material, emergency nursing lecturers, namely Moh.Syafar S.Kep, Ns, MAN and Syahrul Ningrat S.Kep, Ns, M.Kep, Sp.KMB convey about how to provide Basic Life Assistance (BHD) to patients with cardiac arrest and stop breathing for lay workers through a cardiac pulmonary resuscitation simulation (CPR) with the principle of safety, examining victims, asking for assistance and chest compressions, as well as explaining how to do first aid in accidents with examples of real cases in everyday life. This session was guided by Abdul Majid, S.Kep, Ns, M.Kep, Sp.KMB.
The virtual discussion participants seemed very enthusiastic about joining this educational program, as evidenced by the large number of participants who asked questions until the end of the event. The Unhas Faculty of Nursing Community Service Team hopes that this activity will provide a positive contribution as a form of concern for the wider community.