The Faculty of Nursing Unhas held the first Studium Generale on Monday (14/9/2020) which was officially opened by the Vice Chancellor for Academic, Research and Innovation, Prof. Dr. Restu, MP; and was attended by around 411 students. This activity is for new students of the Faculty of Nursing, which includes 5 Study Programs (Prodi): Undergraduate Nursing Study Program, Physiotherapy Undergraduate Study Program, Nurse Professional Study Program, Physiotherapy Professional Study Program, and Nursing Masters Study Program.
Dr. Ariyanti Saleh., M.Sc., Dean of the Faculty of Nursing Unhas, explained that this Studium Generale was the first time held by the Faculty of Nursing as a series of the 3rd Anniversary of F.C. and became a forum to provide motivation and enthusiasm for new Faculty students Nursing in fostering an attitude of professionalism starting from the academic stage to the professional stage later.
The theme for the Studium Generale this time is “Professionalism in Nursing & Physiotherapy”. According to the Deputy Dean for Academic, Research and Innovation, Faculty of Nursing Unhas, Rini Rachmawaty, S.Kep., Ns., MN, PhD; The theme was chosen so that new students get a solid foundation in fostering positive, competent, integrity, responsible, caring, knowledgeable and confident characters, and proud of the profession of nurses and physiotherapists.
Prof. Dr. Ratna Sitorus, M.App.Sc. as the first speaker conveyed that a professional nurse can provide nursing therapy, where the relationship between nurse and patient is built based on partnership, intimacy and reciprocity, by adhering to essential nurse values: aesthetic, altruism, equality, autonomy, human dignity, justice and the principle of truth. In addition, professionalism can only be applied if there are primary nurses in the health care setting with Ners qualifications.
Then, in the second session, Moh. Ali Imran, SMPh., S.Sos, M.Fis provides a stimulus to physiotherapy students to always uphold the values ​​of a professional physiotherapist’s life, including: accountability, altruism, compassion, excellence, integrity, and having social responsibility.
Chairperson of the Studium Generale Committee for the Faculty of Nursing Unhas, Dr. Rosyidah Arafat., S.Kep., Ns., M.Kep., Sp.KMB; said that from the results of the evaluation of this activity, all participants stated that the Studium Generale was very useful. Apart from the fact that the presenters are pioneers in the fields of nursing and physiotherapy, the material provided also provides a very comprehensive insight into the profession of nurses and physiotherapists. They hope that the Studium Generale will be carried out regularly every year.