The Hasanuddin University Faculty of Nursing (FKep Unhas) has carried out training on poster making, preparation of Scientific Papers (KTI) & Essays, as well as making creative videos through Zoom Webinar on 1, 2 and 3 May 2020. This training aims to improve the ability of Hasanuddin University Nursing Faculty students want to learn about making these media. In addition, the increasing number of the poster, KTI, Essay and creative video competitions with the theme of Handling and Prevention of the Covid-19 Pandemic also served as the background for the first FKep Unhas virtual training.
The training which was attended by around 40-50 of FKep Unhas students in each of the training was officially opened by the Deputy Dean for Student Affairs, Alumni and Partnerships, Syahrul Said, S.Kep., Ns., M.Kes., PhD on the first day of training and the Chairperson of the Training Series Committee Framita Rahman, S.Kep., Ns., MSc. on the second and third day of training. This training series presents presenters with qualified capacity in each topic. They are Mr Akbar Zakaria, a Graphic Designer and Content Creator as presenters for poster training; Andi Aisyah Alqumairah, a student with the achievements of Mawapres III Unhas in 2018, and Silver medalist at PIMNAS 30 UMI and 31 UNY in Community Development Scientific Paper at KTI training; Tri Puspita Raska, Champion 1 Mawapres Faculty of Pharmacy Unhas 2018, Champion 1 (Gold Medal) and Best Innovation Category (Special Award) from the China Association of Productivity Promotion Centers as Essay training speakers; and Sujardin Syarifuddin, S.S., M.AppLing with achievements as Winner of Harvestcare Video Contest 2020 as a presenter for training in making creative videos.
It is expected that with the implementation of this training series, the participants, in this case, FKep Unhas students can take a lot of lessons and knowledge related to each topic and begin to prepare themselves and make the best use of the opportunities provided by the FKep Unhas student field to be realized by actively participating in the competition making these media in the future.