Hasanuddin University’s Faculty of Nursing has implemented the Village Development Program as an effort to prevent the spread of Covid-19, especially those focused on people with visual impairments. The forms of activities are logistical assistance and audio education media through the Indonesian Association of the Blind (Makassar) Makassar Branch. The activity took place at the Pertuni Office Jl. Sunu 3, Jumpandang Baru, Tallo District, Makassar City, took place on Friday (01/05).
Arnis Puspitha, S.Kep, Ns, M.Kes as the accompanying lecturer and Chairperson of the Community Development Program Program Faculty of Nursing, Hasanuddin University, Makassar, explained that this activity was a form of social care and responsibility to help people who felt the impact of Covid-19 focusing on the community visually impaired which is a vulnerable group and one of these community groups has a number that is not small.
“In Makassar, there are groups of people with visual impairments who are members of the Indonesian Blind Association, with 150 members. The majority of blind people make a living from work as a massage service provider. But since the Covid-19 pandemic, they have lost income, “explained Arnis.
The Faculty of Nursing Unhas created an audio education media that could be used to absorb information related to the development and ways of preventing Covid-19. This is done because of the lack of media education and socialization of Covid-19 prevention that is suitable and easily understood by people who are blind. This is a form of community service that focuses on disability groups.
Through the Village Development Program, it is expected to increase the social awareness of students, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, through digital audio education about Covid-19 transmission prevention material and PSBB guidelines, it is hoped that it can improve understanding and improve transmission prevention behaviours in blind people, such as how to wash hands, use masks, keep a distance and so on.