On March 14, 2020, the Student Election for Achievement (Pilmapres) at the Faculty of Nursing at Hasanuddin University was held. The selection process which starts at the faculty to the national stage is an annual activity that starts in 2018. In 2020, the names of the winners and finalists from the Faculty of Nursing are:

  1. Andi Susanti, Nursing Study Program 2017
  2. Nurul Huda, 2017 Physiotherapy Study Program
  3. Asma Zainab T., 2017 Physiotherapy Study Program
  4. Egi Trisnayanti, Nursing Study Program Class of 2019
  5. Nur Fauziah Sufri, 2017 Physiotherapy Study Program

Furthermore, Andi Susanti will represent the Faculty of Nursing Unhas to take part in the selection of Hasanuddin University level. It is expected that this activity will foster a student’s sense of competition in academic and non-academic matters which will increase the ability and confidence of students