The Hasanuddin University Nursing Faculty has conducted SIKOLA socialization and assistance, which was attended by lecturers from the nursing faculty both from the nursing study program and physiotherapy study program. This activity is also under the coordination of the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, Research and Innovation at the Faculty of Nursing. This activity is a training activity for lecturers as a teaching team, the activity took place smoothly which was immediately opened by the dean of the faculty of nursing, Dr. Ariyanti Saleh, S.Kep., M.Si, this activity was also attended by the Head of Learning Media Center, Learning Resources, and E-Learning Unhas, Dr. Yusring Sanusi Baso, S.S., MA as the speaker in this activity and accompanied by Irianto, S.Ft., physio., M.Kes as facilitator (23/1)

Dr. Ariyanti Saleh, S.Kep., M.Si As the dean of the faculty of nursing in her speech hoped that all lecturers could take part in training well so that delivery to students could be effective in supporting the academic process, especially in this beloved faculty because as time goes by technology develops a variety of innovations increasingly created that will support the advancement of the world of education, therefore we must always adjust to technology properly and properly so as not to miss.

SIKOLA itself is an acronym for the learning management system. SIKOLA is a need for lecturers and students who will support the academic process in the classroom during (online) and offline (face to face) as well as facilitate the teaching team with students to more easily interact not only in the classroom

SIKOLA is a development of the LMS (Learning Management System) LMS is an e-learning system (electronic learning) for the academic community of Hasanuddin University that has existed since 2008. In terms of appearance, SIKOLA is far superior because it contains new menus and additions new features that are more colorful so that they are more attractive.

Dr Yusring Sanusi B, S.S., MA conveyed to the participants about the superiority of Sikola compared to LMS. “The choice of the name ‘Sikola’ will certainly be easier to remember because it is in accordance with our local language. Many advantages or advantages in Sikola compared to LMS.
Some of the guidelines that have been worked on together include how to login to the Sikola system; how to add a team of lecturers; how to move teaching materials from LMS to Sikola; how to register for semester courses and create parallel classes; how to make assignments and course tests; how to create a learning flow and many more.