In early January 2020, Hasanuddin University’s Faculty of Nursing received good news. The Master of Nursing Study Program obtains accreditation A by the Independent College of Health Accreditation Institute (LAM-PTKes).
Based on LAM-PTKes Decree Number 0712 / LAM-PTKes / Akr / Mag / XII / 2019 this study program succeeded in increasing the Accreditation status to A.

This accreditation status will be valid for 5 years. LAM-PTKes is an accreditation institution for study programs in the field of health. Since its establishment, LAM-PTKes has accredited various health studies programs held by various universities throughout Indonesia.

The results of accreditation achieved by the study program at the faculty of nursing is a proud achievement, not only for the study program concerned, but also for the Faculty of Nursing and for Hasanuddin University.