The squad of Disaster and Emergency Assistance Nurses abbreviated as SIAGA Ners, Faculty of Nursing, Hasanuddin University conducted a free blood pressure examination day on Sunday, November 24, 2019, at the Karebosi field in Makassar. Hypertension activities are linked with Basic Life Assistance (BHD) activities for the general public. As for the activities carried out in this activity include measurements of Height, Weight, Blood Pressure Checks, Blood Sugar Checks, Cholesterol and Gout and teach the community to do BHD so that people can do first aid if something unexpected happens around them. Hypertension Activities are routine activities that are carried out every 3 months. As for the place that becomes the reference for the activity, it is a crowded place and is usually carried out in places of the Car Free Day of Makassar City.

Siaga Ners is a humanitarian and emergency organization at the Faculty of Nursing, Hasanuddin University, which often carries out humanitarian activities, one of which is routine Hypertension. The purpose of the implementation of Hypertension activities is actually to check health such as community blood pressure for free to avoid complications from high blood pressure (hypertension) such as stroke.

This time Hypertension carried out by SIAGA Nurse is a bit different because it provides Manikin to teach the general public about BHD which is often when an unwanted situation occurs, the public does not know the handling so that many victims who should have BHD can be done as soon as possible but because waiting for the health team to come finally ends in death. Therefore, the management of BHD should be the responsibility of the community in general, not only health workers, because the time to treat patients suffering from cardiac arrest and respiratory arrest is only about 8 minutes, after that it is very unlikely to survive. So that every community should know about BHD so they don’t need to wait a long time to take action on patients who are around the community itself. So it is expected that with this BHD learning the general public can understand and be able to become the first helper as soon as possible for patients such as cardiac arrest or respiratory arrest so that the percentage of the patient’s life chances is greater than having to wait for medical staff first. Intelligent society is the hope of SIAGA Nurse in Hypertension activities accompanied by this BHD education.