On November 3, 2019, Physiotherapy Study Program, Faculty of Nursing Unhas held Physical Therapy Assessment as a form of community service that took place at Makassar Car Free Day. This dedication activity is at the same time a promotion of the Hasanuddin University Physiotherapy study program while welcoming World 2019 Physiotherapy Day.

Forms of service in community service related to Physiotherapy are (1) Vital Sign Assessment, Joint Scope, Daily Life Activities for the elderly (Geriatric) and people from various ages. (2) Physiotherapy interventions for common cases related to muscle imbalance, in the form of physical activity and exercise. (3) Prolanist Gymnastics and physical fitness participated by the community around Car Free Day in the context of welcoming 2019 World Physiotherapy Day.

The community is very enthusiastic about participating in community service activities. Because as we all know, the symptoms of joint pain are always related to age and activity, so it is not surprising that the community service program by physiotherapy students has a high usefulness value.