Against the background of the results of the study of health data for Nursing Profession students of the Faculty of Nursing Unhas in the community RT 02 and RT 03 RW 06 Kampung Parang, Kel. Tamalanrea Jaya, Kec. Tamalanrea, found several major health problems such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, rheumatism and environmental hygiene.
Therefore, on Sunday 10 November 2019, the Department of Community Nursing, Family & Gerontik Fac. Unhas Nursing took the initiative to organize community service activities in the form of the 2019 Community Health Festival with the theme “One Movement Towards Healthy Communities” at Posyandu Flamboyan VI Kampung Parang.

The Coordinator in Charge of this Activity Nurhaya Nurdin, S.Kep.Ns, MN.MPH, revealed that this activity is a celebration party for the community, so it should be enjoyed by all people and become a forum for the public to obtain information, as well as check their health with the hope of improving community participation in improving their health status.

The series of activities that were well organized by the Nurse Profession students began with a healthy exercise which was followed by an opening by a representative from the Tamalanrea Jaya Village, Mr. Nasruddin.
In his remarks, Nasruddin expressed his gratitude from the Tamalanrea Jaya village government for holding this activity. He hopes that positive activities like this can not only be carried out in Parang village, but are evenly distributed throughout the Tamalanrea Jaya region so as to be able to nourish all communities in the region. He also advised that the community be actively involved in the future to maintain their health by maintaining their health behaviour.

After the opening, the next activity was carried out simultaneously, where all residents were directed to participate in various items of activities contained in 9 different stands according to their interests. The nine stands are: (1) Group health education stand on hypertension, diabetes mellitus in adults and the elderly, first aid for the emergence of children and infants at home and know Decoupage, the art of recycling waste. The material at this stand was presented by lecturers from the Faculty of Nursing of Hasanuddin University.
(2) Stand Health check in the form of measurements of height, weight, abdominal circumference, check blood type, check blood sugar and check uric acid,
(3) Low-salt food demonstration stands (4) Healthy food stands from non-governmental communities, (5) Salt-urine examination stands using measuring devices from Kanazawa University, Japan (6) Individual education stands and educational media uptake (7 ) Stand exhibition of family medicinal plants and their properties, (8) Stand Decoupage, which is training on recycling of waste with decoupage techniques for teenagers and housewives and (9) Special stand for games and health education for children of Kampung Parang.

The health festival was welcomed with great enthusiasm by the local community, as evidenced by the large number of residents present since the event began at 07.00 to end at 12.00 WITA. A total of 120 communities consisting of 86 adults and 34 children filled each stand. The event became even more lively because the prizes were sprinkled with participants who won the competition or won the lottery numbers distributed by the committee at the time of initial registration.

It is hoped that after this activity is carried out, the community will be more aware of their health condition or potential health problems so that they can prevent early through healthy ways of living so that the quality of their lives and health in the future will also be improved.

Amina, S.Kep
Nursing Profession Student Faculty of Nursing Unhas 2019
Report from Makassar