The 18th Annual AIPNI Members’ Meeting (RTA) in Bandung ended on October 11, 2019 which was closed by the Chairman of the AIPNI Center Dr. Muhammad Hadi M. Kep. At the peak of the activity, the Faculty of Nursing specifically Bachelor and Professional Nursing program has carved very proud national achievements.
There are at least 5 awards that have been obtained in this activity, among others:

1. Award for Success in achieving ASIIN International Accreditation.
2. Award for the Success of achieving Accreditation A by LAM PT Kes.
3. Success in achieving UKOM* National Nurse graduation in the * GOLD * category
4. Success in achieving UKOM Regional Nurses graduation Category * GOLD *
5. Success in achieving UKOM 12 Regional Nursing graduation in July 2019 period * Rank 1 *
Specifically, the International Accreditation award is only given to 2 Institutions, namely: Bachelor Study Program and Nursing Fac. Kep Unhas with ASIIN and Faculty of Nursing UI with AUN QA.

While the extraordinary achievement was also inscribed by alumni of the Bachelor Study Program and Faculty of Nursing Faculty. Nursing in 100% first taker graduation period Oct-18, Apr-19 and Jul-19.
This achievement has solid evidence of the alignment of the Faculty of Nursing, particularly the Nursing and Nursing Undergraduate Study Program with the Faculty of Nursing in Indonesia.


*National Exam for Nurse Practitioner