SIAGA Nurse Himika F. Kep-UH created a work program that accommodates new students in 2019 nursing study programs to increase their knowledge about emergencies through Basic Emergency Skill activities. This program is themed “Enhancing Millennial Skills and Knowledge of Emergencies”. This activity was carried out for 3 days, namely, the opening was held on Friday, 25 October 2019, and the material and simulation were carried out on 26-27 October 2019.

This activity is an activity undertaken to make new students of PSIK have the ability to prepare in the face of disaster threats. So that when a disaster occurs that cannot be predicted when the time will occur, the new PSIK students can be better prepared to face the disaster. In addition, at least they can take steps to help without having to feel panicked or afraid of providing relief measures.

Here are some documentation on the Basic Emergency Skill SIAGA Nurse 2019.