Orientation or Introduction to Library of Hasanuddin University (Unhas) to all new students is done in turns. Each faculty has the opportunity to go around to each section and introduce the sections in the library.
The Faculty of Nursing, in this case, had the opportunity to visit and orientation on Tuesday, September 24, 2019. Andi Nur Awang, or more familiarly called the mother of Awang as an Intermediary Librarian at the Faculty of Nursing, was present to accompany and take new students to the Hasanuddin University Library. The Unhas Library’s UPT building is adjacent to the Rector’s building and opens services from 08:00 to 16:00 WITA.
New students are first gathered in a room in the library and the head of the committee namely Darmiati, S. Sos, MM, gives an explanation in the form of library layout, library rules and library cards, types of services, types of book collections, ways to search for books and ways access the library collection.
After being given an explanation, the new students were invited to look around the atmosphere and rooms in each corner of the Hasanuddin University library. Seen new students are very enthusiastic about travelling around the library while asking questions and light discussions with the library.
The Nursing Faculty librarian, Mrs. Awang, also revealed that the Unhas library orientation activity is a positive activity that is useful for new students, because students must be familiar with the library because the source of a lot of knowledge is there. In addition, through this activity, there is the latest information that is Student Identity Card (KTM) can now be used as a library card, of course by filling out the form provided to make KTM as a library card. And at the end of the session, all new students who took part in the orientation received an award certificate from the Hasanuddin University Library.