The Hasanuddin University Health Professional Work Lecture (KKNPK UNHAS) in class 58 in Tana Toraja Regency, which was the first time to be used as a location, became a valuable experience for health science students at Unhas. Students from various faculties in Health Sciences at Unhas who were incorporated in the KKNPK program came from General Medical Study Program, Veterinary Study Program, Psychology Study Program, Nursing Study Program, Physiotherapy Study Program, Dentistry Study Program, Public Health Study Program, and Pharmacy Study Program.
The Faculty of Nursing is one of the Faculties which sends 34 students both from Nursing Study Program and 16 Physiotherapy Study Programs to join the KKNPK program.

This KKNPK has begun about 1 month ago, and students have been divided into Kelurahan or Lembang as their KKNPK posts. They have implemented approximately 10-12 work programs in each post. At the end of the KKNPK program, students in each post are required to carry out an evaluation seminar attended by the Head of the Village / Lembang and officials, community leaders and community members in the Lembang and also the supervisor of the post group. On July 17, 2019, on Wednesday, there were 6 groups carrying out an evaluation seminar in six Lembang namely Kel. Sandabilik, Ex. Tosapan, Ex. Rembon, Village / Lembang Buri, Lembang Simbuang, and Lembang Buntu Tangti.

On the same day a final district level seminar was also held which was attended by representatives of Regent Tana Toraja, Secretary of Tana Toraja District, Head of Bappeda Kab Tana Toraja, Mr / Ms Camat, Mr / Ms Lurah / Lembang in the Tana Toraja regional government, Representative from the Chancellor of Hasanuddin University, and the Faculty Leaders including the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, the Deputy Dean of Planning and Resources of the Nursing Faculty, the Representative of the Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, and the Representatives of the Unhas Dean of the Faculty of Public Health, as well as KKN supervisors, KKN supervisors , and Committee on KKNPK Gen. 58. Before the final district-level seminar, a group of Faculty leaders and local government had the opportunity to attend an evaluation seminar at one of the Posko, namely the Sandabilik Urban Village Command Post. The implementation of the KKNPK program in Tana Toraja district, as a whole, went successfully with the support of officials and regional government.

Silvia Malasari, S.Kep., Ns., MN (Supervisor of KKNPK UH 58)

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